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Fight To Get The Compensation You Need To Recover From A Maritime Or Aviation Work Injury

The injury or death of a loved one in a plane or helicopter accident is incredibly tragic, especially when it is during a ferry ride to the oil rig the victim worked on. Uncertainty regarding the rights of the injured person and their family during this time is common and understandable. When you are fighting with the victim’s employer for compensation, things become even more confusing.

Aviation accident victims and their families hire St. Martin & Bourque because of our many years of experience handling accidents involving helicopters transporting individuals offshore, along with our representation of individuals injured or killed in commercial and general aviation crashes.

We Know How To Hold Them Accountable

When an employee suffers an injury or death as a result of the employers’ actions, the employer will go through great lengths to avoid liability for the cost of their damages. We are not afraid of big companies or their attorneys, and we have a long track record of fighting them for our clients’ fair compensation.

These accidents may be the result of:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Design flaw
  • Maintenance failure
  • Pilot error
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Violation of regulation
  • Negligence
  • Air traffic controller error

The team at St. Martin & Bourque will sift through the complicated facts relating to aviation incidents and discern the most critical cause or causes and, in so doing, can help you hold the right defendants responsible for you or your family member’s injury or death.

From our Gulf Coast office, we have been handling claims arising from helicopter crashes, private aviation accidents, air ambulance crashes, and commercial airline disasters for more than 20 years. These cases are complex and require an experienced legal team, which you will undoubtedly find at St. Martin & Bourque.

We have experience, not only understanding the complex facts that give rise to aviation accidents, but have navigated through the equally complex legal landscape surrounding aviation claims.

Let Our Experience Fight For You

Based on our experience, we can guide you and your family through the most effective legal strategy. The team of attorneys at St. Martin & Bourque prepares all of our cases in conjunction with our trained staff of legal assistants and our knowledgeable medical and aviation experts to present a persuasive and winning case.

From the very beginning, taking the right steps to assert your claim is important. If you would like to discuss the most effective way to protect your rights, please contact a member of the St. Martin & Bourque team today.