Why not take the insurance settlement after a truck accident?

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One look will tell you why an accident involving a truck would be worse than one with a car. Trucks are bigger. If a car accident is like getting into a fight with the neighborhood bully, a truck accident is like getting into a fight with an MMA heavyweight. If you survive it, you’re bound to have serious scars.

Without experienced counsel, victims may find those injuries can, in turn, lead to serious financial problems. The seriousness of the injury directly contributes to the cost. And while insurance may pick up part of that cost, you can expect insurance adjustors to look for every possible way to reduce their payments.

The average cost of an auto accident in Louisiana

Accident victims have enough on their minds, battling back from their physical injuries. Serious accidents may leave them with months or years of rehabilitation and ongoing therapy. Many victims suffer debilitating injuries that leave them unable to enjoy their former lifestyles. They may need to abandon their favorite activities and adapt to their new circumstances. Victims shouldn’t have to add huge bills to these struggles. But that’s exactly what can happen.

According to the Highway Safety Research Group at Louisiana State University, auto accidents cost the state billions of dollars each year. Even minor injuries can cost thousands of dollars. The average cost of any injury leading to a complaint exceeds the state’s minimum $15,000 liability for bodily injury.

Indeed, the costs quickly ramp up as the injuries become more severe:

  • $51,542 per complaint
  • $499,438 per moderate injury
  • $1,721,424 per severe injury
  • $10 million per fatality

These costs include the damages to victims’ quality of life. But it’s unlikely an initial settlement offer will account for the full value of such long-term damages. In fact, truck companies often have lawyers at the ready. They work at the same time as insurance companies to pin the blame on the victims and try to lower their payments. Accordingly, it’s hard for victims to receive fair compensation unless they push back, most often by hiring an experienced attorney.

Think twice before stepping into the ring

The problem with the truck accident is that you don’t get hurt just once. You suffer twice. You suffer the physical injuries, and then you must likely battle the truck company and insurance for fair compensation. It’s something like stepping into a boxing ring or a wrestling ring to learn you’re facing not one opponent, but two.

Of course, that analogy breaks down when you realize the situation isn’t a game or a sport. It’s generally someone’s whole life at stake. And that makes it even more important for victims to understand how their recovery starts off unfair and how they can work to make it fairer.