Burn injuries can also involve complications

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Those severely burned likely endure one of the most physically painful things they ever face. Nevertheless, these injuries are a genuine possibility on a day-to-day basis for welders, those who work around chemicals, on an oil platform, or in foodservice. So, employers in these fields must take all available precautions to best ensure the staff’s safety. This includes up-to-date safety equipment, consistent training for all employees, protocols for handling dangerous materials, and other steps specific to the job.

Making matters worse

Unfortunately, those severely injured by deep or widespread burns face life-changing injuries and lengthy recoveries. It is also common for burn victims to face related complications during or after the injury. These include:

  • Bacterial infection: This can lead to sepsis (bloodstream infection).
  • Fluid loss: The body can lose blood due to burns.
  • Hypothermia: The burn can shock the system, causing dangerously low body temperatures.
  • Breathing problems: The intake of hot air, smoke or a chemical mist can damage the respiratory system.
  • Scarring: There could be an overgrowth of scar tissue.
  • Skeletal system: Scar tissue can tighten or shorten tendons, muscles and skin, putting stress on bones and joints.

Compensation for all injuries

Those injured on the job often deserve compensation for their injuries. Whether it was due to reckless actions by others or poor oversight by the employer, victims can seek financial compensation for burn injuries and related complications. They also likely can seek compensation for lost income from not working, additional expenses caused by the injury, as well as pain and suffering.