The types of workers’ compensation benefits available

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Maritime workers such as commercial fishermen and vessel crew face many dangerous job hazards that may lead to life-changing injuries or even death. Workers on these vessels confront an assortment of potential injuries and illnesses including spinal cord trauma and paralysis, concussions and traumatic brain injury, serious fractures, the loss of limbs and inhaling dangerous chemicals.

All these injuries as well as others likely qualify crews for workers’ compensation benefits. You need this money – paid for by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy – to pay you for medical bills, lost wages and continuing care for your injuries. And, in some unfortunate cases, your family will need them to pay for funeral-related expenses.

Permanent disability, medical and funeral costs

Workers’ compensation benefits primarily pay for your lost wages because you are unable to earn a living and need time to recover. The benefits may come in a few forms and stem from accident-related on-the-job injuries that require medical as well as psychological attention. Here are some of the types of benefits available:

  • Temporary and permanent disability. The benefits provide money allowing you to care for your family.
  • Medical costs, should you require further medical care in circumstances in which your injury or illness requires more treatment. Examples may include physical therapy for repetitive stress injuries and vocational rehabilitation that may relate to psychiatric or psychological treatment.
  • Job displacement benefits, which provide educational retraining to help you find another job in a new area.
  • Death benefits, including weekly wage payments to surviving family members. This includes funeral costs if a worker dies on the job.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available and can help you during this difficult and challenging time. The benefits vary, allowing you and your family to carry on as best as you can despite the circumstances.