Would increasing female truck drivers make the roads safer?

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Driving a truck is demanding, involving long hours, days away from home and heavy physical tasks. Even though women have driven trucks for decades, some people still claim it is men’s work.

So why does the new infrastructure bill suggest the trucking industry needs more female drivers. Is it about gender equality? Or is it about safety?

Women drivers crash less

The reason the infrastructure bill proposes more female truckers is that they are 20% less likely to crash than a male driver. Women currently make up less than 7% of the truck drivers employed, so increasing their numbers could significantly decrease how many truck crashes happen each year.

When a truck collides with another vehicle, there are typically catastrophic consequences. One truck can take out several cars at a time, causing multiple death and injury. Emergency services may need to close the road for hours, especially if the truck carries hazardous or flammable chemicals. Anything that can be done to reduce the likelihood of truck crashes is a good thing.

Will taking on more female truckers put men out of work?

The trucking industry has a shortage of drivers, so men are under no threat from an increase in female drivers. It may even help more men stay in the labor market longer, as anyone injured in a truck crash could be left unable to work again due to the devastating injuries that are common.

If you are injured in a trucking accident, understanding how to claim compensation is crucial. Blaming it on the driver being a man or a woman won’t get you far. You need to delve deep and look at things such as how much sleep they have had, how well they maintained their truck and if anything was distracting them at the time.