Why do truck rollovers happen?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Truck |

Having your truck rollover will be a terrifying experience. Many people assume that when a truck tips over, the driver is to blame. Yet, if you are the one driving the rig, you might not agree.

As a commercial truck driver, you can do things that cause your truck to roll. For example, if you lose control because you have been drinking, or if you swerve late to avoid a broken-down car that you failed to spot because you were on your phone. Yet many rollovers are not the driver’s fault.

Truckers rely on others to help keep them safe on the road 

It takes a team of people to ensure goods get to where they need to be on time. If any of those people fail to do their job correctly, you will be the one who suffers. Here are a few possible explanations if your truck rolls unexpectedly:

  • Mechanical faults: Faults with wheels or tires are especially likely to cause a rollover. If the guy changing your tires was not paying attention, they might have failed to secure the bolts. All seems fine until a wheel comes off as you are doing 60 mph.
  • Loading errors: If those loading the truck do not get the right balance, it can make your rig hard to control and more likely to tip. If an item comes loose because someone failed to secure it well enough, the shift in weight could again send you over.
  • Overworking you: The boss knows you are exhausted and need a day off, but they pressure you into one last run for the week. You feel you have no choice but to accept. Later that night, you fall asleep at the wheel and flip.

If your truck rolls over, you could face considerable medical bills and time off work. Getting adequate compensation will be essential.