Your risk for a crash increases as the size of the plane decreases

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People about to go on business trips or family vacations often feel nervous about getting on an airplane. Although most people know that an airplane crash is far less likely than a car crash, they still worry about some kind of catastrophic event happening during their trip.

When plane crashes do occur, they often result in many fatalities. Fortunately, if you decide to travel on a commercial airline, your risk will be much lower than if you were to charter a smaller plane for just yourself or a few other people.

Smaller aircraft have a higher chance of getting into crashes

Airlines are meticulous in the maintenance of their fleets. They have multiple people working on and inspecting each plane after every single flight. Commercial airplanes are also subject to frequent federal inspections to make sure they are fit to fly.

Personal aircraft and smaller classes of planes operated by private companies also have to pass annual inspections. However, they are not subject to the same kind of rigorous control as commercial airlines. Those smaller planes are far more likely to get into crashes than commercial jets,

For example, 2017 was the safest year for air travel since the government started collecting data. There were no passenger jet fatalities. However, there were still 346 deaths and over a thousand accidents, most of which obviously involved smaller planes. Although some of the accidents only resulted in injury or property damage, many times, accidents result in severe injury or death.

Those affected by aviation accidents, even in smaller, locally owned planes, may be able to hold the owner or the operator accountable for the injuries they suffered or the loved ones they lost.