Even healed burn injuries can change your life 

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Burn Injuries |

Healing from an injury like a broken bone is typically complete and has no long-term impact. If you break your arm in a truck accident, you’ll likely be back to 100% in a few months, and you won’t have limitations or lasting pain. 

With a burn injury, though, things are not always so simple. While minor burns may heal completely and leave no trace, second and third-degree burns could lead to serious scarring. Even after the wound is completely healed in a physical sense — it doesn’t cause you pain any longer and no more improvement is expected — this could change many aspects of your life. 

Will it last forever?

The length of time that this lasts depends on many factors, from your skin type to how fast you get treatment to how severe the burns really are and how deep they go. Medical experts do note that it generally takes between a year to a year and a half for the redness of a fresh burn to go down entirely. 

Even then, though, they note that the victim’s skin color may only approach “near normal.” Some people carry this discoloration for the rest of their lives, a reminder of the accident. There are many treatment options to alleviate it, such as skin grafts, but do not assume that life will just return to normal. This is especially an issue if the scarring and discoloration are to the face, neck, hands and other noticeable places. 

If you have lasting disabilities or disfigurement issues after a burn injury suffered on the job, make sure you’re aware of the full scope of the compensation you deserve