What are the various types of burn injuries?

| Nov 8, 2021 | Burn Injuries |

Usually, burn injuries are classified according to their severity and cause. The most common ones you may be familiar with are first, second and third-degree burns, although some sources also recognize fourth, fifth and sixth-degree burns. On average, over a million Americans suffer burn injuries every year, and thousands die from these injuries or the resulting infections. 

Depending on your burn injuries, you may require extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation to recover. Sometimes, the effects of burns are lifelong, and besides the physical effects, extensive injuries can also impact your mental health. Below are the various types of burns.

Burns are classified by severity and cause

Burns are classified by the extent of their impact on the victim. They are:

  • First-degree burns: Only damage the outlet layer of the skin
  • Second-degree burns: Extend to the second layer of the skin
  • Third-degree burns: Damage the two uppermost layers of the skin and the tissues underneath
  • Fourth-degree burns: Extend into the underlying fat tissue
  • Fifth-degree burns: Permeate down to the muscle
  • Sixth-degree burns: Extend down into the bone

The cause of the burns also matters. Burns resulting from heat are known as thermal burns. Other types of burns include chemical radiation and electrical ones.

Steps to take if you are a burn victim

No matter the type of burns you suffer, any of them can turn your life upside down. You may find it hard to function normally, and your career may be on the line. If you are a victim, it is essential to safeguard and protect your rights. For instance, if the burns occurred at your workplace, you may be compensated for your injuries. When calculating a settlement package, the cost of treatment, lost income while recuperating and emotional anguish will may all be factored in. 

This is why you should be well aware of what the law says about your rights in situations like these to ensure that you receive adequate compensation for your burn injuries.