How The Law Protects Seaman
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Understanding The Jones Act

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation laws do not provide protection to seamen who operate in the Gulf of Mexico. If you or a loved one becomes injured while working on a vessel, there are other benefits that may be available. Under the Jones Act, seamen and their loved ones receive compensation after serious or fatal accidents.For over 40 years, our attorneys at St. Martin & Bourque Attorneys at Law have successfully handled complex maritime and offshore injury claims. These types of injury cases are highly technical, which is why only a few firms in the Gulf Coast accept these cases. Our seamen protection attorneys are intimately familiar with the Jones Act and other maritime laws. Call us today at 888-573-2492 to learn how we can help.

Seamen’s Rights Under The Jones Act

If you believe that negligence or carelessness led to your injury, you may be able to sue your employer to receive benefits.

The Jones Act protects sailors by requiring that their employers:

  • Take steps to keep work environments safe
  • Offer medical care
  • Provide proper training to the crew
  • Maintain safety equipment

The Jones Act allows seamen to recover damages for injuries caused by unsafe conditions such as:

  • Slip-and-fall hazards, including slick deck surfaces
  • Negligent security, which includes assault by crew members
  • Falling hazards such as unsecured freight or equipment
  • Safety equipment that does not meet industry standards

If you qualify for benefits under the Jones Act, you may receive pay for medical bills, housing and food during your recovery, and wages lost due to your injury. These benefits may be significant, so it is critical that you hire an attorney who knows how to build a strong claim and navigate the legal process.

Throughout Houma and the neighboring communities, our lawyers are known for their ability to challenge industry-leading corporations — and get results. We will not back down from a legal challenge in negotiations or court.

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