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Aggressive Advocacy After A Plant Or Refinery Accident

Plants and refineries are among the most dangerous workplaces to be employed in Louisiana, which makes it even more critical that employers strictly follow OSHA guidelines and industry regulations. Should your employers cut corners on safety to increase profits, they can put your life at risk.

If you believe that poor safety protocols or other negligent acts led to your worksite injury, it is crucial that you speak to a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Large oil companies, chemical manufacturers and those in the industrial sector move quickly to protect their bottom line, using their substantial resources to minimize awards and settlements. Our lawyers at St. Martin & Bourque Attorneys at Law have been fighting these types of legal battles for decades. We are ready to hold negligent companies accountable and secure the compensation that you deserve.

Common Reasons Behind Accidents

Accidents at plants, factories and refineries may vary in the extent of the damage; however, there are often common reasons that these types of catastrophic accidents occur. Refinery or plant incidents are frequently caused by:

  • A failure to replace or repair outdated or old equipment
  • Poor contractor or employee training
  • Limited enforcement of safety procedures
  • Shoddy facility maintenance
  • Hazardous working environment
  • Employees working unusual or extended shifts with inadequate downtime

Employees can only do so much to maintain safe working conditions. It is up to supervisors and employers to take steps to do the same.

When you contact our hazardous working environment lawyers about your injuries, they will listen intently to your side of the story. After they take your case, our legal team will handle all communication with the other party and take care of all the necessary paperwork. Pursuing legal action can be complicated. Partner with us to receive the experienced representation you deserve.

For more than 40 years, St. Martin & Bourque Attorneys at Law has tirelessly defended hardworking employees throughout the state. Contact us to get the aggressive legal ally in your corner.

Before You Accept An Offer, Get An Honest Assessment Of Your Claim

Your employer is not committed to protecting your interests after an accident. We are. Get the facts about the laws regarding corporate neglect in Louisiana and an honest evaluation of your claim during your free consultation.

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